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Only in New York: helping Barry Diller push his Maserati out of the snow in Central Park on my way to work!

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2189 days ago

Only in New York: helping Barry Diller push his Maserati out of the snow in Central Park on my way to work!


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clarkeLsmith 2173 days ago

I'm sure all the people behind y'all just looooooved being held up for a photo op! LOL

ki4kqd 2186 days ago

You're trending on Alexa! This sure looks like a crisis...

h_goldenboy 2187 days ago


OmgSunshine 2187 days ago


OmgSunshine 2187 days ago

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PeterMSemkiw 2188 days ago

Katie, You are doing a great job in the snow out there ! Think you could help shovel my driveway ?

njane13 2188 days ago

Nice car. What model is it???

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OrenTodoros 2188 days ago

Epic pic... Crazy in so many ways.

SpoonerINK 2188 days ago

That's hilarious...and ridiculous. WHY was he driving a Maserati IN THE SNOW?!!? LOL

AlternatePrime 2188 days ago

At an absolute minimum it should be a minor infraction of the law to drive such a finely crafted precision Italian powerhouse automobile in that atrocious weather - But it does look kinda fun -

KathyKnudson32 2188 days ago

That's cause he read everybody's files as a kid at his first job with the studio? What he got on U?

JackGould 2188 days ago

Dam katie that's kind of hot!!!Maserati should think of a layout same shot only in the summer.Short shorts,halter top, sandles.Yes thet will work lol

beavercleaver1 2188 days ago

The middle-class is offended Mr. Diller could afford such a car, let alone drive it in the snow. ;)

sequatchiegirl 2188 days ago

Liking that car

zoopdotco 2188 days ago

man o man were the people behind you guys PISSED!

AltitudeSports_ 2188 days ago

Way to go Mrs. Couric! But you really should have gloves on! These are great http://ow.ly/3LzML

gusttavoFdaS 2188 days ago

HOOu Maserati car beautiful

killerark 2188 days ago

In Canada we put the good car away for the winter,and drive the clunker.Naserati owners can afford.

stephenloos 2188 days ago

Why drive a car like that in the snow? AWD people. At least us Southerners are smart enough to drive 4 wheel drive vehicles in the snow. Lol.