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Best. Dogwalk. Ever.

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1926 days ago

Best. Dogwalk. Ever.


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stopthechoas 1922 days ago

Dogs are great! ... relaxing walk and time spent with a true friend

str8tbiotch 1924 days ago

Gotta walk the dog before he sh*ts on the rugged terrain of the floor ... whippin my hair ...lol

joubess 1925 days ago

Awe!!!...My lab loves snow but my Aussie-Catahoula mix HATES it. In BRLA, it doesn't snow much anyway.

trilljester 1926 days ago

California and our 70 degree weather misses you, Rachel! :-)

JenAFarrell 1926 days ago

good dog!

_blue_canary_ 1926 days ago

I'm overcome with need to post a bunch of hearts and smileys. You know what, fuck street cred. <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

TreborChurchill 1926 days ago

Yikes! That's why I left Mass! It was unseasonably sunny and warm (67°) yesterday in San Francisco! My bull terrier thanks La Nina (or climate change??). Not sure which!

rsoj 1926 days ago

Love it!

Sherrylove 1926 days ago

You can always play catch with a snowball.

SpiritbearNY 1926 days ago

I'm with you and your dog, Rachel. I love snow too! Just uploaded my own pic. :) You should see it now!

madrediterra 1926 days ago

They love the snow. I walk a bulldog who drags me across the lawn. Can't complain, he has fun.

susanmig 1926 days ago

i know, right? when they can walk w/out YOU!!!

fdnyjack 1926 days ago

Need a dog walker? I know a guy.

palmerblues 1926 days ago

If you prefer snow to sugar white, toasty warm, beach sand, as the sound of waves fill your mind.

ThadGormley 1926 days ago

I see you have a pup sickle LOL

MilesLord 1926 days ago

How, you're brave out there in the storm. I'm stayin' in! lol

Deskins 1926 days ago

Is that sarcasm, or do you like snow?

Fuze83 1926 days ago

Dogs love the snow..... Well my dad's Bostons do lol

Shimmy00 1926 days ago

Let me take a GUESS of what your thinking of, Hurry up & poop NOW! LoL