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Life-sized Lotso printed from original data on Pixar's 3-D printer!

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2038 days ago

Life-sized Lotso printed from original data on Pixar's 3-D printer!


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TylerHaslett 2035 days ago

I really hope someone else has the idea of printing out a 1/18 scale Pizza Planet truck...

TylerHaslett 2035 days ago

4,000 of the views have been me alone, this is the best 3d print I've ever seen!

MeLG206 2037 days ago

My boyfriend can't wrap his head around how you got the fur texture to print like that! Me either!

TylerHaslett 2038 days ago

Did you get a printout of Chuckles and Big Baby?

TylerHaslett 2038 days ago

Fans of Lotso are in a jealous debt! In a good way though, its very cool to see this.

AnitaCoulter 2038 days ago

I'm with on this one - Lotso looks good enough to eat!

jpidgeon 2038 days ago

I like how it looks really accurate, and yet like a beautifully frosted, high-end cake!

TylerHaslett 2038 days ago

Thinkway should take the files, make a foam lotso understructure, and lay fur on top, to get THIS look

SteveBrandonOTT 2038 days ago

Neat that the texture visually looks right, though I doubt it feels like a real plushie.

davewitt 2038 days ago

this is simply awesome.

G2Entertainment 2038 days ago

This is amazing! I really want a set of these for all of the Toy Story characters.

monsterfan13 2038 days ago

Thats really cool would love to have that.

AshleyBenlove 2038 days ago

I'm not sure whether to run in terror or hug him.

soyojavi 2038 days ago

What's it made of??