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2187 days ago



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VPGfilms 2186 days ago

WOW thats fucked up

Glambert932 2187 days ago

this is parenting fail at it's most vile and disgusting #parentingfail

aaronjprice 2187 days ago

I just hope that one of them grows up and realizes how wrong their parents were.

solasuperstar 2187 days ago

bad repersentation of chrisitnas, bible techues to spread love not hate, teach you kids fill them with love GOD IS LOVE!! can i make it any clearer???..

invictushearts 2187 days ago

These poor children. DCFS should take them away and give them to a nice gay family‚ô•

NotEasy2Replace 2187 days ago

You just broke my heart with this picture SMH to teach children HATE instead of LOVE it is ashamed there are still people out there like that but to these Children I would like to say " I LOVE you and I am sorry you have had to be tarnished by Hate I hop

Scotty_01 2187 days ago

not gonna lie, i dont understand how parents can raise kids to be so full of hate..kinda gross..

darcmana 2187 days ago


michael2172 2187 days ago

So sad to fill a kid up with hate

JenniKrumm 2187 days ago

Wow. Yeah. Majorly.