Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Dressed for work! #fromset #Mythbusters

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2185 days ago

Dressed for work! #fromset #Mythbusters


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Faruque43j 2173 days ago

curler Hi take a look at h y

ERN_Malleyscrub 2173 days ago

Klaatu! Barada! Nictoo! (or something... not like it'll save the planet)

ampatt 2185 days ago

You're a silly goose.

MarianoBryant 2185 days ago


ManeirIkre 2185 days ago

This can only end well...

Moony_Mom 2185 days ago

"I'd be friends with the sparrows
And the boy that shoots the arrows
If I only had a heart!"

ActionChick 2185 days ago

How Grant dresses when Adam Savage is in charge of the BBQ:

xorinzor 2185 days ago

why did you blurred the text on the left top of the screen? :( :P

TypicalZombie 2185 days ago

Oh curses, foiled again!

Richie__Ryan 2185 days ago

I see from the photo on the wall you've found the droids you were looking for.

GudeCastro 2185 days ago

this is it !

TheButterZone 2185 days ago

We Salute You, Mr. Heat Reflective Suit Man. Real Men of Genius.

peerie_moot 2185 days ago

To complete model, add a wood axe and a heart.

Narubox 2185 days ago

One day I hope I'm cool enough to be able to go to work like this. 8)

dck1971 2185 days ago

Didn't Spock where that on Psi 2000?

Davadlynn 2185 days ago

Fare the well, Grant. I hope they don't bake you like a potato.

WilhelmHolden 2185 days ago

Grant's Off to See the Fiery Wizard of BIG BOOM!

SirGeek 2185 days ago

I'll be right Back, I need to go and was in the bathoom 1st.

Zuckuss 2185 days ago

Taking a business trip to Mustafar?

me4oslav 2185 days ago

xD Do they protect from EM pulse?