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1522 days ago


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x0Deejay0x 1521 days ago

I was somewhere in there. I'm not even going to bother to try and look for myself. lol

HeleneForseth 1521 days ago

I need fucking help otherwise I will start havvin an acid flashback from when you got inside there

HeleneForseth 1521 days ago

Although it doe's look like a bed of flowers in such a phazy eyeball very nice.....

HeleneForseth 1521 days ago

Where's waldo? where is he? I can see butt-head there in the middle...can you see that shit

DeadlyRose27 1521 days ago

Wow, I really wish I could go to a slipknot or stone sour concert! One day I will :)

Hailbreezyy 1521 days ago

You guys were fucking amazing last night; one of the best shows I've seen.! Come back to WV soon.!<3

Nuclear_torment 1521 days ago

oh shit!
please slipknot has to come back to sweden!
love you corey! xoxo

ScottRocks 1522 days ago

Great show!!

ashleymfitz 1522 days ago

You all was the best band their last night!!!! Can't wait to see you guys again in concert!!!

WTKrista 1522 days ago

You are right upfront and Corey Taylor took a picture of you:D

dearrgrace 1522 days ago

I'm almost all the way to the right, in the white shirt, smiling like an idiot, right up front (: Best night ever Corey. Thank you so much for everything.

60comigo 1522 days ago

deserve all this ... *-*

brandyblaze 1522 days ago

luv u corey but P-p-p-Pleassse visit the sides of the stage some..everytime u went for water i thought u were gonna come sing 4 us!

VickiLeighMcD 1522 days ago

This is too cool! You were awesome! I was right in this crowd! Thanks for a great night!

maggot12345666 1522 days ago

Your amazing Corey Ur r a big influence in my life.throughout slipknot,and stone sour and your side projects.All of your music gets me threw day by day. Such a good concert in huntington,wv
I recently got Pauls forearm slipknot tattoo,in memory of him on

sjerzegirl 1522 days ago

I wish I could of beem front row again at this concert! I love u corey!!!

brunof8 1522 days ago

Taylor, you simply kick any ass you see in the front of you. There's no words to describe!

pauliteixeira 1522 days ago

Rock And Roll! Yeah XD

ff5smybest 1522 days ago

see y'all tomorrow in knoxville!!!

AlineLith 1522 days ago