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This is in kyle's studio and it scares the shit out of me.

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1311 days ago

This is in kyle's studio and it scares the shit out of me.


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Receiving71m 1295 days ago

concreted Hi take a look at t 2

Leauna 1296 days ago

I totally get why it creeps you out.....but its really cool!!

helBENT4heather 1307 days ago

I think he put that in there just for you, thats messed up! eeeek!

kandidakay 1308 days ago

Reminds me of the scary Museum-Go-Round puppet on Mr. Rogers.....What was her name? I forget.

march9dew 1310 days ago
i think i'm familiar with his face. he is known as Petruk. along with his siblings, he is a symbol of nice person with wisdom words. physically he's a tall man with long nose. so don't be scared Rob :D

MarijaLentic 1310 days ago

hhmm - just wrong -

Frank_Falvo 1311 days ago

Glad it don't talk back.......freaky man....

marisaballetti 1311 days ago

What's is serving? Saltines and envelopes.

marisaballetti 1311 days ago

Oh em gee. Turn it around at least..

ajguapa 1311 days ago

fascinating.... but not in the dark, i guess....

Matchbox20Girl 1311 days ago

......I put it there to scare him! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!(someone's had too much sugar today....)

AvaBlane 1311 days ago

Yikes! It would scare me, too,lol Looks like the model for the clown in Stephen King's 'It'...

TheresaOrlando 1311 days ago

What the F**k is that thing!!!!

rockncountryfan 1311 days ago

Ok, was Kyle high when he bought this? coz it's freakin me out too Rob, Kyle, Kyle, wtf is it?

melissalfrench 1311 days ago

Agree with you, Rob! Very freaky!

staclp 1311 days ago

YIKES! Looks like a cross between a clown & a mummy! EWWW!

bluntio 1311 days ago


1morehandmedwn 1311 days ago


itstm2ride 1311 days ago

Looks like a friend of my Tiki Man or the freaky fortune teller @ the Carnival!

charlieinocnce 1311 days ago

Um that's friggin terrifying. 0_0