بكالوريوس فيزياء ، مشرف تربوي ، مدرب مركزي لمشروع تطوير العلوم ، عاشق للتقنية ، مؤسس أفكار علمية و تويتات

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صورة لميدان التحرير في القاهرة قبل قليل  #Egypt #Jan25 #25Jan

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1315 days ago

صورة لميدان التحرير في القاهرة قبل قليل #Egypt #Jan25 #25Jan


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Livermore18s 1300 days ago

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feraldolce 1311 days ago


solveigsig 1312 days ago

Sending you all Egyptian a strenght to keep on going!

Coron_pepe 1312 days ago

Vamoss siguan adelante!!!

nom_kitteh 1312 days ago


ConsularDave 1312 days ago

Great job people of #Egypt, show #Mubarak that you will not be shut up until he is gone.

IslamicOasisorg 1312 days ago

graykeller 1313 days ago

This was Cairo last night?

MarioXXXX 1314 days ago

RT : Egyptians calling for a 1 MILLION march All over egypt after friday prayers which end at 1pm share,Retweet,forward,broadcast #Jan25 #Egypt

MarioXXXX 1314 days ago

Viva Las revoluciones del Este!
Long Live The Eastern Revolutions!
Vive les révolutions de l'Est!
عاش الثورات الشرقية!

DuffNobles 1314 days ago

Egyptians demanding freedom

ELRASSY99 1314 days ago

There are the‏ ‏real egyptions

AICPA_Fans_Page 1314 days ago

They definitely know where their heart is!

RyanNorth2010 1314 days ago

Cairo: One million protesters to march this Friday after prayers, around 1pm - This is for everyone, Christians and Muslims. Pass this.

DrBalticus 1314 days ago

Good luck, friends from egypt! And peaceful greetings from all Lithuanians - we made it too!

RussInReview 1314 days ago


A1exZa 1314 days ago

да.. дела..

Fischblog 1314 days ago

People of Egypt FTW!

nsnasser 1314 days ago

Viva la revolution

ERN_Malleyscrub 1314 days ago

If anyone wants confirmation of Egypts turbulence, here it is.I hope it's peaceful.Good luck