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NEW PIC: Ok, who else was crying their eyes out...? #beinghuman

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1768 days ago

NEW PIC: Ok, who else was crying their eyes out...? #beinghuman


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xAwesomeGenx 1746 days ago

He didn't want to loose Mitchell :(

ceannard 1766 days ago

I was busy trying to work out WHY the tears, he had just got laid and not killed Nina?

moeytweet 1767 days ago

My lip was wubbly.

shannkitty 1767 days ago

*Raises hand*

Tenbatsu13 1767 days ago

FallenAngel2106 I agree...HUGE soft spot for George and his sad face tugs on my heart strings.

Tenbatsu13 1767 days ago

I cried....and again on the repeat viewing. The pouty lips and sad eyes.....gets me every time!

chel_hero 1767 days ago

yh i admit i was crying a little on that scene

monalipschitz 1768 days ago

And me too. I then cried again when I watched it the next day with my mum, lol. So did she!

DifficultDiva 1768 days ago

Scene was portrayed perfectly by all the actors. I smiled when I saw George's tears. He's lovely.

Catmagix 1768 days ago

Guilty :( but nothing a cup of tea couldn't fix! ;) Awesome scene guys, loved it! :)

NevaaPrincess 1768 days ago

That would of course be me, I was sobbing like a baby

valeriemeachum 1768 days ago

This girl! I love you, Mitchell, but that was NOT the time to bluff!!

HippoPlatypus_D 1768 days ago

Such emotion... us a brilliant actor. And one fun twittererrrr... :)

FallenAngel2106 1768 days ago

Every time George bloody cries, I cry! He has one of those faces that begs sympathy & cuddles :)

angloirishgal 1768 days ago

Most of us, according to Twitter!