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Gimme a lil' ad space & I'll give you a demo of women who simply must have a face o' jiz

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2102 days ago

Gimme a lil' ad space & I'll give you a demo of women who simply must have a face o' jiz


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DmitriMantelano 1991 days ago

Φάτα στην μάπα!

charlievisio 2091 days ago

Nice teeth!

John_in_Boston 2092 days ago

Do you find this action appealing?

MichelleBlakeL 2099 days ago

She's a model, she has to take it in the face so she doesn't have to count the calories.

DannyS365 2102 days ago

aaahh a face full of baby making batter.

Reverend_Norris 2102 days ago

I have three questions???

DBleus 2102 days ago

Ahh Bukaki

prosfygas 2102 days ago

Must be some kind of Nickelodeon role play fetish... #weirdsexualappetites

SunGoldHALO 2102 days ago

Im so glad I ate 4 hours ago or i woulda blew chunks

WillTurc 2102 days ago

See what happens if you don't let it out once in a while. (watch out, he's gonna blow)

john_down_under 2102 days ago

I see now why the jolly green giant is so jolly. Ho, Ho, Ho...

Reqon7 2102 days ago

Welcome to Sephora...have a seat while I fetch one of our semen facilitators to come glue your eyes shut with an Elmers glue load.

RebekahHartley 2102 days ago

this was in the W magazine

ZenGrouch 2102 days ago

Jesus! Is this *Act 1* at some Mexican donkey show?

blkndlotus85 2102 days ago

Hahahaha Money SHOT! (lmao!)

GreylinHigh 2102 days ago

Man chowder

BanjoLawson 2102 days ago

You don't usually get such excellent consistency of viscosity across contributors to bukkake. Very poor directional control, though - what do people think a mouth is for? Eating?

commandoSCENE 2102 days ago

Semen showerhead,let the jizz hit you.

tat2byvalles 2102 days ago

It got really awkward when she tried to "kiss-the-chef" afterwards..

pauloppenheim 2102 days ago

We need more of this in media. For instance, to spice up the State of the Union address.