Scott Kelly


#spacegeo round 10. Name it!

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1925 days ago

#spacegeo round 10. Name it!


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DesertGeek 1916 days ago

Wow, Tucson looks so tiny from above. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

rachie12 1917 days ago

Stunning picture, what an amazing job you have :-)

mtpinebeetle 1920 days ago

Scott, Gabby is in our prayers. We remember you from North Park. Mary Ann and Carl USFS mtpinebeetle

digiphyll 1923 days ago

photo's center is Davis Monthan AFB where Gabby flew from Tucson to TX.

MrDDon 1924 days ago

Wow! Thanks or the visual... will share with my students today!

DigiBlueSkyline 1924 days ago

Los Vegas :)

missymaddy 1925 days ago

Yep, it's Tuscon......I just found this "Spacegeo" this morning.......Neat!

Oward_Hughes 1925 days ago

Hello please to see again your photos allways so hard with us !, newly I give my though to the cat

meteodub 1925 days ago

Tucson, Arizona. North direction is in right-down corner. #spacegeo

PC0101 1925 days ago

I think they are awake at the time of posting, know the scene, and post the answer.

Cephurs 1925 days ago

Godspeed to you, the crew and your family!

marielsanjur21 1925 days ago

I'm allways late!!!!

ydimbleby 1925 days ago

Tucson Arizona - good news Gabrielle well enough to be moved; best wishes to you,Mark & family from Plymouth UK

jscotti 1925 days ago

Wow - home sweet home, but I didn't recognize it at first!

roam2me 1925 days ago

It is Tuscon, AZ! All the best thoughts and prays for Gabrielle () !

tb9665 1925 days ago

Tuson AZ

seanroe 1925 days ago

Tucson oriented upside down north is towards the bottom. I have flown a C152 into tucson intl

Black_Dove 1925 days ago

No man's land. Tucson AZ, really?

lizlarner5 1925 days ago

Tucson, Arizona!

FrancescaKenobi 1925 days ago

yes! it must be Tucson! hello to ISS! :)