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2624 days ago


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alika72 2394 days ago

LOL!!! How funny is this!!!!

Chikiteechu 2612 days ago


lromanj 2622 days ago

in strip mall in our town... a "Giant" Food store was with a "Dick's" Sporting Goods.. the sign for the mall had them together- Sign read- "Giant""Dick's"... sign had to be rearranged- ha ha!

KIMDAURIA 2622 days ago

Clearly ironic

OMieUnwell 2623 days ago

Damn Jo-Bros are everywhere!

JudyC_inOhio 2623 days ago

You are so right.

Boys848692 2623 days ago

Maybe after you eat the KFC you can run in the GNC and get a fat burning pill!

rockinxjen 2623 days ago

Next time you're in NJ, try Cluck-U chicken! They own KFC by a long shot!!

That is pretty funny tho :D

Maria423 2624 days ago

Looks like KFC has more customers.

midnightskye 2624 days ago

At our mall there is a Fredrick's of Hollywood right next to a Motherhood Maternity....cracks me up everytime...this will let to this haha

cannmcd2 2624 days ago


rawrraegan 2624 days ago

YOu cant forget the awesome Jonas sign in the background! :)

usmcwife3521 2624 days ago

Ha that is way too funny!

Krystle_Hill 2624 days ago

I dunno about you, but I'm diggin' the Jonas sign, just sayin...

tonya872 2624 days ago

woo hooo KENTUCKY FC!!! you know they have grilled chicken now?!! Kentucky GRILLED Chicken. lol.

Rutabega80 2624 days ago

Just be sure not to get on that digital scale in GNC after KFC!!!

C_Rose11 2624 days ago

What's even more wrong is that Jo Bros poster right there...haha.

iDDurkin 2624 days ago

Ok; fair is fair....maybe they were stocking up for tonight's DOUBLE elimination on IDOL......let's see what happens

iDDurkin 2624 days ago

OHHHH; but wait!!!! There is an EXIT sign between the both stores...just incase you have a little to much KFC with your slippery GNC shake........RUNNNNNNNN

Marialuvsmusic 2624 days ago

LOL, that's America for you. I am guessing that is not so common in Europe, but I could be wrong.