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MrsKangDaeSung 1553 days ago

New York?

Marne25 1563 days ago

Disney :))

YBPaew 1628 days ago


FlawsAndAll2 1654 days ago

Does anyone know how to get a hold of taeyang!? Please help me :/, when is he coming down to vegas again!?

ychangheo1808 1660 days ago

lighting city ..^^

AtiqahRhm 1665 days ago

wow.. nice pic.. who take this picture??

katenok1616 1671 days ago

the eye catches the Disney logo)

dadadungding 1677 days ago

look great! :)

nananiwa 1680 days ago


SchoulinJ 1692 days ago

like it :X

telau 1696 days ago


BigBangToAnyone 1701 days ago

good, nice .. ^^

Ostaszewski90u 1704 days ago

dilettantes Hi take a look at http://bit.ly/ghQerK

ItIsMeMyselfI 1704 days ago

i LOVE MICHAEL ..XOXOX ...AND DISNEY TOOO...LOL XX I think Michael liked disney too

corinnakwok 1705 days ago

Glad u had such a good time :) LOVE X

MJGrabMyCrotch 1711 days ago

miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiichael <333

SmellyluvMJ 1711 days ago

aaaaaaaaa, thnks for amazing pic, i discover album MICHAEL on the top, i adore him,so do u,r9?

TaeminGirl 1716 days ago

NewYork look like a Wonderful place !!

i love to go there but with you kkkkkkkkk

oppa good like ♥ love you ♥ arab fans ~

LittleNipponne 1716 days ago

Disney !!!! I'd love to be there!

PamelaToledano 1716 days ago

this is a picture show important things US,(Mj,Disney,Opra)