New York - concrete jungle , dark city. Good bye N.Y, I had a good time :)

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1979 days ago

New York - concrete jungle , dark city. Good bye N.Y, I had a good time :)


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OmgItssSnooki 1749 days ago

OMGGGGGGG you were in nyc?? HOW DID I MISS THIS?? :(((((((((

_Toni_A 1815 days ago

Ah so handsome! Glad you had a fun time in NY. You are in So-Cal (southern California) now, wish I could meet u!

Nenaychika 1822 days ago

I also went to New York but recently, that sentence does not go when were you

Marne25 1824 days ago

:D NY brilla más que nunca :D

MrsNorbu 1845 days ago

I love this pic =) You look really cute. I wish I was one of those people who're behind you =P

jawharah2711 1846 days ago


Alison_Imperato 1851 days ago

Oh nooo's I wish I was in NYC that day... we were breathing the same air!!

_Kwon_Ji_Yong_ 1856 days ago

You will also have funny time in VietNam oppa , please come to us in Ho Chi Minh city :)) Saranghaeyo my sunshine

MayYB_VIP 1859 days ago

แทยัง ฉันคิดถึงคุณจัง

Barrniie 1890 days ago

Cool picture ;) ahh, seems like u had a great t
ime in NY.
Saranghae oppa, BIGBANG/TAEYANG fighting! Love from London.

moonuBB 1893 days ago

I'm happy when saw you have a happiness.

goatsecks 1898 days ago

omg, oppa you were in NY? I'm sad I didn't get to meet you.

tkuyminoz 1903 days ago

oppa <3 saranghae <3

geniie2cute 1909 days ago

wow u visit new york!?
cool :) did u have fun?!

Missrynk 1910 days ago

Come to see us one time in Africa ^^

SaekiShii 1928 days ago

Can you come to germany?

Hannahcka66 1929 days ago

you have to come to london we love you over here!!

sensesnie 1930 days ago

dope! saranghe young b ^^

katenok1616 1931 days ago

so cute)

MRD_Smuffy 1937 days ago

Haha, kawaii pose =P But you should come to Melbourne, us Australian VIPs would love it so much!