New York - concrete jungle , dark city. Good bye N.Y, I had a good time :)

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2097 days ago

New York - concrete jungle , dark city. Good bye N.Y, I had a good time :)


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tdolkar11 1930 days ago

if i had saw him that time i will kiss him too........hehehe lol^^

MrsKangDaeSung 1932 days ago

id see taeyang doing this in NYC id come runnin&hit him to the ground&kiss him to death

Marne25 1942 days ago

coca-cola xD que nunca falte keke

MayYB_VIP 1977 days ago


xdeadtreex 1986 days ago

Oh man! Im in New york too, glad you had a good time! Big bang should play in NY!!!

belladglory 2001 days ago


SaskiaMateo 2013 days ago

I cannot believe you Were in NY. and I live here and i didn't see you. I Wanna Cry ='(

Antidepresstant 2027 days ago

It's great to know everythings with you .

elidat12 2036 days ago

Tan lindo eres , you are the best

imibizha 2045 days ago

I love you!

llamperell 2053 days ago

ู^o^so cute

momicookies 2056 days ago

I Love Ur charismatic voice~~

Amy_mt10 2062 days ago

Ohhh I love you!! :)

HarleyCyrus 2070 days ago

I wouldn't mind

Naomi_love_96 2073 days ago

woohooo!!!♪♪ I believe i can fly!!! I believe i can make a pie!!! ♪♪ xDDDDD jajajaja cuidate!!

may_elhady2000 2087 days ago

you are owsome

geriwuvGDYB 2089 days ago

당신이 안아 줄까?
big big hug for u, baby :)

tangmo24 2089 days ago

you is very smart and place is beatyful

Nickolaeva_ 2092 days ago


TaeminGirl 2095 days ago

Soo Coool oppa .. you like sun shine ♥ !!

당신은 정말 운이 .. hope next time when you go i will be with you LooooL

당신을 사랑 ♥ .. 아랍 팬 ~