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@BobLeyESPN Burning cutler jerseys in Chicago.

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2191 days ago

Burning cutler jerseys in Chicago.


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K_DT_And 2190 days ago

Disgrace, no better than a packers fan.

millergm 2190 days ago

, umm, Favre played last year on a worse injury to his ankle.Cutler is a wuss.

dmann68 2190 days ago

Morons. You try throwing on a torn MCL. And I'm a Packer Fan!

njmaki 2191 days ago

Classless Chicago Fans.

All_Sports 2191 days ago

Can't blame them, Cutler was a bit of a Nancy Boy quite a comparison to Aaron Rogers who took huge shot from Peppers

gonzgman 2191 days ago

What did you expect? Denver got rid of him for a reason. The Bears had one heck of a season but all dreams must come to an end and it did yesterday. Be greatful you got as far as you did, because I don't see it happening again for a long time. One las

jrathage 2191 days ago

you know the guy they named the superbowl trophy after? He begs to differ.

hurricane13 2191 days ago

McScab to Chicago...seems like he did just fine in

hurricane13 2191 days ago

..Yes it is about winning and losing, as Herm Edwards says..You play to WIN the game

kbless77 2191 days ago

Donovan McNabb once threw 5 TDs on a broken ankle..... in a REGULAR SEASON GAME

umadbrah 2191 days ago

Its not about winning/losing.. It's about heart. It's about toughness, and this guy showed 0.

maxjusttyped 2191 days ago

I'm ashamed to cheer for the same team as these idiots.

hurricane13 2191 days ago

Lets see you were losing, getting shut out when Cutler was in, then in comes Caleb nobody and he rallies you back. Yet you Bears fans are upset cause Cutler did not play????? Is there something in the water in Chicago or at Solider Field.

jhawksmoor 2191 days ago

totally uncalled for. and when you tear your acl, you can walk on it. but you can't run or jump.

TheBobBecker 2191 days ago

burning jersey. #GOPACKGO

losslessburgh 2191 days ago

I can see some fans are upset but he ain't no Roethlisberger you know? He was too hurt to play.

beaniebut 2191 days ago

I think it is stupid to burn his jersey. I think they should have put Hanie in alot sooner! And I think the deffense should have stepped it up early in the game. Oh and also, I don't know why they even have Collins. He is just taking up space!

DBCOOPER888 2191 days ago

@ Peinvestor2012

It's not saving face if it's what happened. They'll run an MRI later.

peinvestor2012 2191 days ago


If his ACL was really "torn" he should not have been walking around. Others have said the same.

peinvestor2012 2191 days ago

Are you really that naive? Sure they came out with some crap about his ACL to save face