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Actually, Smithwick's & Kilkenny. I call it a "Geordi"...

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2041 days ago

Actually, Smithwick's & Kilkenny. I call it a "Geordi"...


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Kneeoh76 2039 days ago

Mmmmmmmmm... Kilkenny......

grubbster2 2040 days ago

boballende 2041 days ago

Have fun!

dcrapstar 2041 days ago

Looks refreshing and it also looks like its almost gone... Time for a refill!

NiaZll 2041 days ago

If you're going to get two Irish drinks at least pick two good ones! Greetings from Dublin :p

TateTwo 2041 days ago

it WAS called a Geordi ... you need to fill that bad boy up again :)

enzoem 2041 days ago

What is the ratio? 50/50?

violabratsche 2041 days ago

Went out and got them both, 'cause I like them both, after you posted it last year. I had my mix and then I supped them separate...musta liked it! There was none left at the end of my evening!

cook1097 2041 days ago

Ah, so that is a "Geordi". Looked delicious. :)

Pheenyxfyre 2041 days ago

sounds devine!

wizardsrefuge 2041 days ago

Nice!! Ill have to try it.

trevorkay 2041 days ago

I'd call it a refill :)