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Creamy, creamy goodness...

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2073 days ago

Creamy, creamy goodness...


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countroshculla 2072 days ago

That looks magnificent!

Ram5y 2073 days ago

You need a spoon with that pint :)

divasupermum 2073 days ago


lyby06 2073 days ago

Was wondering if u were here in Ireland until I saw the head on that Guinness no one here would serve that up.

dawgylama 2073 days ago

Something better than Guinness? HUH?

dcrapstar 2073 days ago

Is this a Guiness or something better?

etfp 2073 days ago

have you heard kathleen turner's voice lately? lol

jfsd 2073 days ago

...first it was cool whip, and now creamy goodness; that sparkle in your eye says a lot.

cook1097 2073 days ago

Levar, would you please pass the beer this way? I think it would make my pain fade quickly. :)

top69cat69 2073 days ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ......beer

Rebekahdg 2073 days ago

*deep sexy Kathleen Turner voice* hello, Beer... how are you?