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the official pete wentz twitter. bass, clothes, and blueberry pie late at night.

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Haha @GabrielSaporta working the snoopy sno-cone machine

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1277 days ago

Haha working the snoopy sno-cone machine


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CuteVegChick 1223 days ago

It looks like he was making naughty eyes at you Pete. I don't blame him. ;)

C1TYisAtwar 1225 days ago

if i had a dollar for every time I saw a pic of holding snoopy... man would i be poor

FadedYouthBlog 1258 days ago

From the AP: Pete Wentz Has Commited Suicide at 31. [AP/New York City] Just one day after announcing his split from wife Ashlee Simpson, rocker Pete Wentz ha....

ddritzenhein 1271 days ago

Nice Photo

RealityScaresMe 1272 days ago

Poor Snoopy,is hanged u.u xD

iloverockmusic 1272 days ago

BANANA!!!! GIVE ME !!!!!!!!!

Sayla_Vie 1275 days ago

Jeez, you're so creepy/sexy. :)

TeamGabeSCO 1276 days ago

Snoopy and ... that is one epic picture!!

popthecheap 1276 days ago

sensual seduction ~~

fanoffob 1276 days ago

I have one or I had one. I don't know if I still have it, but it was a good memory.
Cute pic!

hippie_slacker1 1276 days ago

I used to have one of those! xD

Also, thats so cute. :3

_rachelgee 1276 days ago

looks so seductive here. I bet Snoopy turns him on. (;

VanessaLovesBob 1276 days ago

reminds me of the big bang theory :)

SwallowPlanet 1277 days ago

snoopy Great!

Pidge64 1277 days ago

lmao cute!

LittleElyy 1277 days ago

WOW! I have one of those!! :DD

orangehamster13 1277 days ago

:O I used to have one of those!

all_vamp_lurver 1277 days ago

I totally have that!!! Its really hard to use :'( I tried and gave up about 3-5 minutes later haha =P

katjayyy 1277 days ago

i have that! really tires out your arm.

_tragicendings 1277 days ago

hahaha!!! so fun!! love u guys <3