Elizabeth Hurley


Mum, Model, Actress, Bikini Designer, Organic Farmer.

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Introducing Ping Pong...

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1180 days ago

Introducing Ping Pong...


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GeorgeLuvsKylie 1072 days ago

All the best guys are green! :) x

atdiana77 1149 days ago

Apparently U r not having sexual dimorphism Mommy can't design bikini , poor lass

atdiana77 1149 days ago

Yo ho the bottle of (bacardi) rum - treasure island - R L Stevonson

JaneSmithBanks 1152 days ago

Ping Pong soooooo bеst

JaneSmithBanks 1152 days ago

Ping Pong Super,Beautiful

atdiana77 1177 days ago

"Give me the Sunshine, Give me the Rain, Give me another chance I want to grow up once again" - Prayer from PingPong

AKHIEEL 1178 days ago

try to speak dude ......please

4thdukeoffook 1179 days ago

Sorry Ping Pong, I thought you were male....easy mistake to make! Must get my eyes tested! Sure your new Mum wont mind...Who's a silly boy!

andrewjbrooks1 1179 days ago

(Hello..Hello). Nice looking bird Liz.

hammywammy 1179 days ago

Beautiful bird, beautiful colour

rodneynb82 1179 days ago

you should teach him to say a bunch of swear words and racial slurs

paulejcotter 1180 days ago

Tweet Tweet I hope she is all the fun you hope ☺

peterhazaria34 1180 days ago

that's look like you

MrsMushiMushi 1180 days ago

lovely feathers but needs a bit of Estee Lauder moisterizing cream around the nose :^)

hurleyoo11 1180 days ago

A beautiful delayed living tape recorder.

sequatchiegirl 1180 days ago

Animal Aid: FROM RAINFOREST TO RETAIL - Wild Bird Trade http://t.co/Ex35LDI via

AKHIEEL 1180 days ago

how is my pose? any possibility to becoming a model?

KarlRobbins 1180 days ago

If you gave him a bat, could he play Ping Pong : )

atdiana77 1180 days ago

Apparently sexual dimorphism not visible.

atdiana77 1180 days ago

Pirates(Merchant) of England, Exports goods with Ships full of Bikinis/Farm produce to LA