Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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2076 days ago


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Tessa_Hope_ 2032 days ago

LOL! Back left corner?

gacaddict121 2039 days ago

ahaha I see you over by the backwall next to the red broom handle thing hiding your face lol

risy243 2045 days ago

i c u in the corner by that red thing and the window!!!!! lolz

gabster501 2061 days ago

I hope you were'nt trieng to take a pic of that old guy's butt, that would be scarier than a lockdown

AmyLouSylling 2063 days ago

HaHA thats funny. I'm all looking under the benches and shit. lol idk why

sigler314 2066 days ago

ur in the back covering ur face like dracula.

wweKATELYN 2069 days ago

your in the back covering your face

Mimi_Syarmimie 2073 days ago

gotcha!! the one who covering his face! =p

slowburnbaby 2074 days ago

Am I going to see a collection of these photos titled Where's the Groff? anytime soon?

SarasAlkhemy 2074 days ago

Covering your face really helped. lol!

Adrienne8687 2075 days ago

Lol you're so silly ;)

LittlexMsxMetal 2075 days ago

Haha like those effin Where's Waldo books. I could never find him damnit lol but I see you.

__Thorn 2076 days ago

Nick/ The Guru: "It's fun stalking people, because someday I'll help them with my spiritual powers."

KaTala1104 2076 days ago

I see you in the back with your face covered up silly goose

Lupita_GarzaG 2076 days ago

Ha-ha funny Nick!

herrpiqu 2076 days ago

u r just so funny!!!!

Betsy_GACsister 2076 days ago

ha ha nice try Nick

GAC_Advocates 2076 days ago


gdcomptontorres 2076 days ago

Ha! I was going to say "taking the picture" but I did finally find you! Sneaky..

GorramZombiez 2076 days ago

why am i staring at some old dudes ass? nick you goon