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Come back quick Rich - they've got a Paul McCartney bass here!!! KJ x

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2290 days ago

Come back quick Rich - they've got a Paul McCartney bass here!!! KJ x


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ImInRockTrouble 2249 days ago

does paul know. back 2 ur child hood days i c. who is they? u c how u exspect us 2 cope without u boys if ur missing each other already? x

dawnuptheroad 2279 days ago


RebeccaJones75 2288 days ago

As long as you dont start producing melodies like the Frog Chorus I'm a happy lass!

richsno1 2288 days ago

Did you get a go on this Paul McMartney then Rich? Shame if you didn't after being teased like that!

copyshopgirl 2289 days ago

o to be that bass!

clairephonics 2289 days ago

these pix are so funny of kelly trying all the equipment, whilst waiting for the others to turn up, it reminds me of a kid in a toy shop trying out all the latest gadgets!!!

fio_f 2289 days ago

Are you guys gonna be touring at the end of the year again? I Came to see you in December at the SECC in Glasgow but I was 9 months pregnant so looking forward to coming to see you again to party properly :)

phonics10 2290 days ago

Great pic...can't wait for the new album...XX

adriladyluck 2290 days ago

AGH! Much love to that bass (and temporary bassist)! But glad to know Rich's ok. Loved all the updates today! xoxo

catmcgoo 2290 days ago

phwoaaar yummy kelly!! hope my hot boys are well!! xx

MadameHelga 2290 days ago

Great pic..hope Rich okay, Anna xXx

maryphonica 2290 days ago

I see.Solo trabajas tu,mi niƱo!!

maryphonica 2290 days ago

ok.Where are Javi and Adam?

ij_murf 2290 days ago

ah yes! I remember it well !

KellyJEC 2290 days ago

I love you are talking each other using Twitter!!! Rich I hope to see you with that bass tomorrow

WednesdayLou 2290 days ago

Don't blow that up as well! Hurry up Rich!! Loving all the updates - it's like we're there making the album with ya xx

selfheal 2290 days ago

talk about taunting the boy! you tease! your starting to sound like a kid in a sweet shop, bless!

TigerAngel68 2290 days ago

It's felt more exciting by the hour today... And thats just being here in nowhereland... I trust you've had fun x

urzgianti 2290 days ago

Wow. I can't wait for the new album.

indie01 2290 days ago

that sun traps dissapearing, u better get that stripey jumper back on....