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Does anyone else do this while waiting alone in the doctor's examination room? (pic)

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1924 days ago

Does anyone else do this while waiting alone in the doctor's examination room? (pic)


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amandawilburn 1885 days ago

My dr had OCD so I always moved things around on his counter. He would fixit b4 even shakin my hand.

MontgomerySalva 1886 days ago

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StoneMcKade 1889 days ago

Invasive? Heard of Invasive surgery? A little drawer opening doesn't so bad, considering

Annabel300 1890 days ago

No. You see because I'm not INVASIVE! Who does that?! I'd be pissed if I was a Doctor!

TheeHemptress 1893 days ago

TreySoulMate 1896 days ago

they lock the cabinets at my doctors office

Horvath61d 1906 days ago

foghorn Hi take a look at

ireallyneedsome 1914 days ago

i like to steal the funky supplies

vivianweiwei 1923 days ago

i never, i guess im too afraid to disturb.. haha

heyshellyhey 1923 days ago

yessss. always. i never take anything though!

Sabrinaz87 1923 days ago

I use to like playing with the rubber gloves and spinning on the stool! Until I got busted...

laurashepp 1923 days ago

I steal the giant popsicle sticks used for throat-checking because they taste SO GOOD

AmandaRickert 1923 days ago

I never open any drawers though, there's always a lot of stuff on the counters to play with and take.

Phixius5968 1923 days ago

lol.. yeah... AND sometimes I take some stuff home like gauze pad and medical tape.. always useful!!

nadjagriffis 1923 days ago

Yep, and I've gotten caught. my doctor thought it was funny, told me to at least leave him some supplies!

Jenn1982 1923 days ago

Heck yea! You never know what you might need! ;)

swagswisha 1923 days ago

Nope I don't want to see the scary tools they use to examine people :S

sylphon 1924 days ago

Nope, I always half expect there are cameras anyway. I don't go through drawers at houses either.

prairiemonique 1924 days ago

Of course! I also look through my medical files too. I always have, I thought everyone did this. :)

deedeebee 1924 days ago

I sit and read a book. I worry I'll contaminate things..