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I spent a ton of time animating the cutscenes for the Ctrl+Alt+Del event this week. It turned out really funny.

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1924 days ago

I spent a ton of time animating the cutscenes for the Ctrl+Alt+Del event this week. It turned out really funny.


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Jaxun_Prime 1917 days ago

Wouldn't it be funny if everyone playing with this armor had a game crash just when their about to turn in a quest?

Dan217AE 1921 days ago

This even looks fun with this item alone x3

Icymercy 1923 days ago

Where ur new tercessuinotlim items, ur are lagging behind time ? Wake up LOL

Icymercy 1923 days ago

LOL, simple as ABC Dude

Ikhlas98 1924 days ago

Lol Its Xbox.......*Clicked On The X on the middle and your xbox is on

LVXYZx 1924 days ago

The Mirror Drakath you made mixed with the xbox 360 insigna, or ps3 insigna since its gaming.

LVXYZx 1924 days ago

the armor isn't your best :D i know that. It woulda been so cool if it looked like....

Dashing_Knight 1924 days ago

Is that pet Colour custom, as its crystals were pink in a different pic...

guiltius 1924 days ago

i like it milton, your getting better and better :)

coolboypai 1924 days ago

woot! x-bot! gonna make a tim penguin pet for the release too?

Bentleynew 1924 days ago

I'm so getting those daggers if they release them tonight:

Top_AE 1924 days ago

i was reading some of the comics of CAD and....idk.....they kinda sucks :P...about the armor its too simple and wep and pet are for this friday's release right?

GompaAE 1924 days ago

Of course I read the design notes... but just the bits I found interesting, I didn't see that, probably should read through the whole post, then again I'm kina hungy so, meh :/

AQWNaTra 1924 days ago

Wow this armor is less awesome than all of your item so far.

VampireMax 1924 days ago

And still u have time to create these awesome items?? Dude... >.<

Frostvind 1924 days ago

Looks very 50´s retro robotish with a metroid inspired jellyfish. Looks nice as most of your items Miltonius

ShadowMaster999 1924 days ago

, didn't you read the DNs? the event will be different from the comic, including clothing

UkanlosAkantor 1924 days ago

i like this armor (and the other one)

raven_AQW 1924 days ago

lol like dat stupid robot in star wars! lolz

kapAQW 1924 days ago

i like this better than the battlezeke one!