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#justasking Does it mean I'm finally famous when Bill Clinton comes to my birthday party?

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1185 days ago

#justasking Does it mean I'm finally famous when Bill Clinton comes to my birthday party?


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throfaithbygrac 1170 days ago

LOL, sumtin like!

maximusss415n 1185 days ago

U know it!!! & U kno he a soul brother @ heart!!!!

Mookerz818 1185 days ago

Yes..!! Wowwww!!

theiccemann 1185 days ago

Bill doesn't just show up at places. You'd better be alert. lol

cutitoutt 1185 days ago

Bill Clinton is the bill murry of presidents

66cont 1185 days ago

Dumb & Dumber. If Obama was there? It would be the 3 stooges.

Jenty22 1185 days ago

yeah! smh

stephanie2305 1185 days ago

Slick willy x 2 .... Lovely :)

JLopezAztek 1185 days ago

damn that's pretty amazing. ..Mr Clinton The Man

CAUGHTULKN 1185 days ago

it looks like a cut out. lol!

iSwagWitJay 1185 days ago

Lol Man u wild - famous or not don't turn into a free mason now lol Bill Clinton da man though.

ColeKurtz2306 1185 days ago

Man u crack me the hell did u get him to come..happy birthday man!

HDRealtor 1185 days ago


madmoney4me 1185 days ago

what the heck? I don't think he's there to see you

DrRamblings 1185 days ago

Bill Clinton is the MAN! You've officially made it !

chuckoh9 1185 days ago

is Bill Clinton wearing a clip on tie?

Reality2214 1185 days ago

Did you invite him or did he just show up? cuz personally I think it would be weird if he just showed up even if he was the president. But pretty awesome none the less.

MD122895 1185 days ago

Great pic of two great men who get too much undeserved bad publicity.

OfficialEdgar 1185 days ago

ur in the company of the greats this dude got to shake Kennedys hand

ladidpg40 1185 days ago

Yes you are definately in