Jimmy Bennett


Rock Star,Amateur Comedian,Professional tanner,Motivational speaker,fan of all things sexy,I act on occasionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TVWW9fj1Bk

lets take it over!!!!! :)

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2017 days ago

lets take it over!!!!! :)


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TheJessicaBraga 1848 days ago

Hollywood... what a dream.... You reign kid! :D

Angel_Kidwell 1850 days ago


LoveMyLadyGaga 1950 days ago

NOTE: Twitter gives you a chance; you mercy a lot, maybe jimmy will come and take you to his bed.

EmmBennettxx 1951 days ago

Now that is what i call hot can i get a hottie hottie ??? love you jimmy foreva and always :) <3

JemiFlu 1952 days ago

That's my husband over there! haha

Shaylouful 2015 days ago

HA! u knew i would love this <33 #sexy

CarlieSomatis 2017 days ago

ya! take it over with the sexyness!! I like it :)

CoverGirlJenny 2017 days ago


CoverGirlJenny 2017 days ago

don't you mean let's keep it sexy? you're cute even when you seem distracted. what are looking at?

ElsaRitaXo 2017 days ago

Check out my future husband isn't he hot?

kbrax95 2017 days ago

Nice pic!

AnaNozato 2017 days ago

Always #sexy :)

fabyromellon 2017 days ago

:O very sexy =)

VillegasThorne 2017 days ago

my fiance is #sexy <3

maite_cd 2017 days ago


ItsHiuYin 2017 days ago

stanwteen 2017 days ago

how nice

CodyLuva4Life 2017 days ago


LovaticDude 2017 days ago

The tall tree in the back left corner kinda looks like the tall tree in my backyard lol

JustinsXmasHoe 2017 days ago

;) bieber better watch out. your hot! haha. can you please follow me? :D