Jimmy Bennett


Rock Star,Amateur Comedian,Professional tanner,Motivational speaker,fan of all things sexy,I act on occasionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TVWW9fj1Bk

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cbiebero 2024 days ago

H-HH--HHH-HOTTTT *faints*

SparklingJussy 2024 days ago

you´re so sweet and sexy!! #Loveu

Angel_Kidwell 2026 days ago


LoveMyLadyGaga 2126 days ago

your hands :D <3

xoxEmily96 2130 days ago

ahhhh MARRY ME !!! :O xx

Bela1296 2130 days ago

OMG! #sexy! lol

StephDesouza 2192 days ago

This ones my favorite :) oh & your birthdays like days away yey !!!
Febuary 9th ladies , don't forget ;)

CarlieSomatis 2192 days ago

I still cant believe that you jimmy bennett owe me a date! I want 2 hug u soo bad! :)

Kara107 2193 days ago

CoverGirlJenny 2193 days ago

aww. so cute.

ElsaRitaXo 2193 days ago

Oh my gosh ur Hot! <3 waaww I'm so in love with Jimmy

Jfernbieb88 2193 days ago

So mysterious

KalaMiller 2193 days ago

HOT!!!!!! <3 :-)

j143bieber 2193 days ago

#sexy #sexy #sexy #sexy #sexy #sexy #sexy #sexy #sexy picc!!!! pic!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! :D <3

bellathorne143 2193 days ago


fabyromellon 2193 days ago

nice pic :)

adandylion_97 2193 days ago

Now THIS is what you call #sexiness. Forget about Justin Bieber, Jimmy's taking over! ;)

JDB_LatinGirl 2193 days ago

DeAm sexiness here:)

ItsHiuYin 2193 days ago

Awesome :) *-* . #sexy

bangxjdb 2193 days ago