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Hey Ben, we got your letter! ^_^

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1844 days ago

Hey Ben, we got your letter! ^_^


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HoodlumRebel 1733 days ago

okay, people seriously, do you realize that your Bitching on the PS3 Under a Tweet about a 9yr old's Letter,? GTFO....

Jonesybones09 1842 days ago

oh an azard i am not a fanboy i like the ps3 i want one im just stating facts :P maybe ur a fanyboy

Jonesybones09 1842 days ago

the 45 mins to update a ps3 was an exaggeration also. it does take unecessary longer then 360

Jonesybones09 1842 days ago

the only ones i can think of killzone and uncharted 2 apperently was multiplayer

Jonesybones09 1842 days ago

and there realy isnt a whole lot of multiplayer games for ps3. most of them were made by 360 developers.

rabalois 1842 days ago

I'm not hating on sony, but it seriously doesn't make sense to sue people for hacking their own console...even microsoft didn't do that o.0

YonNosigra 1844 days ago

My 60G YLOD on me. Bought a 120 + get'n the 60 fixed for the blu ray player & backwards compatibility

YonNosigra 1844 days ago

Only beef I have with the is they removed the backwards compatibility.

zombiej79 1844 days ago

Jonesybones09 and ps3 has lots of multiplayer games. maybe you should leave the cave fucking retard

zombiej79 1844 days ago

Jonesybones09 are you retarded? my ps3 takes no time to updatemaybe you should get off dial up

BBbelovedxoxo 1844 days ago

Aaaww so cute! like I said I'll explode w/ ecstasy. Online is free but the internet provider is not. Ur not payin 4 it but ur parents r,u little bastard lol

updownleftright 1844 days ago

Cute (:

nickbean10 1844 days ago

45 minutes to update!? Obviously don't have a fast connection. :P I have 6Mbps and get about 45 seconds to update.

jbones01 1844 days ago

omg they both have pro's and con's. i got a ps3 just for the fact i put up with windows for years. then you know what happen no more microsoft migraine. now its just a sony headache.

cjschris 1844 days ago

i have both, and to be honest, i dont see the difference between online except for party mode.

Azard3 1844 days ago

You fanboys are all over the place.......

Jonesybones09 1844 days ago

and 360 live is way better then psn. and 360 has the online games while ps3 has mostly single player

Jonesybones09 1844 days ago

not to mention it takes 45 mins to update a ps3 game while it takes 5 for a 360

Jonesybones09 1844 days ago

hey zombiej79 i guess ur unaware that the RROD era for 360's is over.

zombiej79 1844 days ago

plus microsoft released a defective system and they didnt care.