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2787 days ago


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ImInRockTrouble 2746 days ago

poser but lookin good. whats with the blue though. u look like u've gone manky. lol x

Nix4566 2786 days ago

Bloody poser! xx

cwmanan 2786 days ago

check out those cheek bones man xx very sexy

MadameHelga 2787 days ago

Glad to see your ok! Nice pic ;0) xXx

Elkypelky 2787 days ago

hope you're alright...
but you have to hurry Rich, Kel is PLAYING on a bass :o
If Jav is gonna be lost sunday, Kel will BANG the drums as well...
i know he is good in everything he does, but there is a line ;)
Take care!

carleymawhinney 2787 days ago

Sorry to hear that. Glad to see you looking so well x

VicksT 2787 days ago

Hope your alright Richard! Cant wait for the new album!

emamez15 2787 days ago

oh no!!!!!! im glad you are ok x

mydevil 2787 days ago

Thats shit Rich! glad you are ok though mate! and you are looking mighty fine too :)

pussspence 2787 days ago

you do a gutted face very well and glad to see you are okay bikes can be replaced but stereophonics guitarists cant only drummers xx

caralongmuir 2787 days ago

Hope your ok Rich!

The boys need you!!!!!!!!!!!

indie01 2787 days ago

ohhhh and..... 'rear ended' sounds a bit rude rich maybe u shud re-phrase that!

Nicole_Driggs 2787 days ago

So sorry! Glad you didn't get hurt.

iluvrocklol 2787 days ago

aww. atleast ur ok! xx

charliebrown75 2787 days ago

Bloody hell Rich, glad your ok like! x

TigerAngel68 2787 days ago

... and blowing the equipment up!!

indie01 2787 days ago

prob didnt miss much, apparently kells sunning his arse in a 'sun trap' he found... dont ask!

TigerAngel68 2787 days ago

I bet you're gutted. Glad you are safe & OK though x

geemtz 2787 days ago

I hope you used a helmet, dude.

richsno1 2787 days ago

Liking the haircut btw... now we've had a good look at it. Just right! ;o) oh dear... *thud*