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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

In which I meet the Golden Possum and am told many secrets.

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2188 days ago

In which I meet the Golden Possum and am told many secrets.


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garotacenoura 2184 days ago

strange little animal, looks like a pastry with head

wickednoise 2187 days ago

I usd pic in comp & won thank u! Goldn Poss wil impart ther secrit wisdom & a goldn age of happiness & prosperity wil reign

Laura1_3 2187 days ago

The Golden Possum is far cuter than possums we have in the mid-west.

arfisk 2187 days ago

"You must go to NQ and seek, the possum who taught me!"

AmandaDesimate 2187 days ago

I love all possums so much. <3

Turboshark999 2187 days ago

Listen, Neil. You must find the Sacred Heart.
The religious icon?
No, Like in the Dio song.

MaluBVargas 2187 days ago

Adorable. This pic is a story in itself. Please, write sthg with The Golden Possum.

PulitzerWRiter 2187 days ago

Looks like Willow 2 in the works, I can write a childrens story just looking at that picture.

Kamayeth 2187 days ago

"Oh, you're a writer? You know, *I've* been thinking about writing a book."

NorikoNeko 2187 days ago


TeamAro1 2187 days ago

What did he tell you?

Pantstrovich 2187 days ago

Needs glasses.

Edz62 2188 days ago

So Beautiful!

scarredsoul 2188 days ago

It looks like the creature that Finrazel was in Willow....

ravensward 2188 days ago

"So I said to Edna, 'what you really need is an endearing catch phrase', but do you think I saw any recognition? Did you bring the beer?"

Fallen_Woman 2188 days ago

You know you could say this was on a sound stage at Muppet Studios and I would believe you.

Applemask 2188 days ago

That's the second wisest possum I've ever seen.

smilingm5 2188 days ago

I see the spark of a character that we'll be meeting in some future book!

GrittyKitty123 2188 days ago

Oh cute!!

mergyeugnau 2188 days ago

You can tell wise Mr. Possum that I particularly appreciate his ratio and his rule.