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1958 days ago


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BadMonster_Fr 1675 days ago

I want one...

ButlerOfficial 1805 days ago

это нас связывает с ADVIL

per_phat_ion 1817 days ago

i've always thought tiger balm was more of an asian thing...

per_phat_ion 1817 days ago

tiger balm?! woah... i never thought it was available at the 'other side of the world' as well.

taylormoniqued 1837 days ago

fuck do i love tiger balm,... almost as much as i love you LADY G!!!!

CassyEvangelist 1838 days ago

Hopefully your relaxing a bit Lady Gaga :/ hope all is well

LinsanityTaiwan 1853 days ago

i know the right one LOOOOOOOL u used the same oil w/ my grandma XDDDDDDD

lealea420 1869 days ago

I use these too.

DavidMattson 1871 days ago

Buy it in bulk momma monster<3

rawritscorkerz 1872 days ago

"this is so sad... i'm cry!" ---over tiger balm and advil?? Can you please explain this.....

LADYXOXOLOKO 1879 days ago

It´s just antiinflammatory meds, I use to take them when I´ve headache or muscle pain... It´s normal, dudes

rafaellagalvao 1880 days ago

why? =/

cikan 1882 days ago

shes working to much... respect <3

likedin_kk 1888 days ago


ChrissRawr 1890 days ago

:"O WHy do you have that there ?!?!?!

libiniluiza 1890 days ago

this is so sad... i'm cry!

n_nHaro 1893 days ago

:O! http://t.co/eNtlP4k Born This Way! :DD

FaithfulToGaga 1897 days ago

I also buy the same m3dicine!!

MickoKaulitz 1898 days ago

She born this way - http://twitpic.com/4bb32s