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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Me and Tory in the wine room. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1685 days ago

Me and Tory in the wine room. #fromset #Mythbusters


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Fuzzybeard2016 1667 days ago

Wait until you get to the cheese and crackers room. :)

archer9234 1677 days ago

Why do I want to say "resistance is futile." for some reason...

MingRC123 1677 days ago

That's a lot of wine.

martillini 1681 days ago

Mythbusters and wine... This is my dream. And I second what Bonniegrrl said below. Make it happen.

mooreofme2 1684 days ago

lets hope adam doesn't find it he'll break everything by accident

MarianoBryant 1684 days ago


EvlGniusDaycare 1684 days ago

Mythbusters + riddling boxes=yes!

BrItT_nEy_G 1685 days ago

Haha that's great!!!:D Goodness MythBusters is incredible!!:D

SteveBrandonOTT 1685 days ago

When they're emptied of wine bottles, you can use the tubes in the cubes for more hwacha myths.

inquisitiveowl 1685 days ago

Heh. Built a secret room and didn't tell Jamie? Clever.

sorchamochrie 1685 days ago

Wine myths? When do they air?

iLuv_NeiL 1685 days ago

HOLLLLLLLYYYYYYY ALOT OF WINE! are u going to drink all of that? xD

AJeebes 1685 days ago

I see drunken mythbusters in the future.

PhoenyxFlower 1685 days ago

i can Only imagine what this is gonna be...

mytimeaway 1685 days ago

Is this the "before" photo?

bonniegrrl 1685 days ago

I better see naked feet squishing wine grapes in the next #Mythbusters set photo!

BlueBlur64 1685 days ago

This can't possibly end well. :P

chrisneilcdn 1685 days ago

Keep your eye on him Grant! :P

Kate_moves 1685 days ago

It's a dream come true....

Sahil_m 1685 days ago