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Dage the Evil........ULO gang

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1846 days ago

Dage the Evil........ULO gang


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SephiraTenshi 1532 days ago

darn im not there - must have been b4 we meet in game

Shydoli 1599 days ago

dam didnt see blackice709 with is 2k of tokens you got tokens man nice screenshot

swiffdeath 1827 days ago

but im not init lolz :(

swiffdeath 1827 days ago

awesome pxt icy

bamboojesus 1842 days ago

I don't get y Sarah talk to u guys but on public she doesn't

Icymercy 1844 days ago

well, a few of the player got it in the first hr of release LOL

raven_AQW 1844 days ago

i no a girl with dat armor, called 's3xy ch3ck'. she got dat armor in 1week! :0 she also hv ungodly n warlord of milt. :O

dragonlord4444 1845 days ago

no lives...

Model_Y_ 1845 days ago

they must of gotten over 10 tockens a day, if you get 10 tockens a day then times that by 30 you get 300, so...i would of guessed it would of tacken a month to get or if you dead close less than...plus, its 5 people who have collected 300+ trophies too!

LoreDSL 1846 days ago

Already??... I don't got it myslef, but i wouldn't consider this fast... To be honest, they are late..

Model_Y_ 1846 days ago

um wow....5 people with ULO already? geez do you even sleep?! =P