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Clay's "Pic of the Day!"  Fire in the hole Tweeps!

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1851 days ago

Clay's "Pic of the Day!" Fire in the hole Tweeps!


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PC0101 1849 days ago

Clay has taken several pics. All of them in Corrientes province of Argentina, near River Plate (Rio de la Plata). The next major town is Santa Fe, about 60 mi S of the fire.

sanduleak_1 1849 days ago

"Oh! Oh! I'm on fire!".....

Astro_Clay 1849 days ago

My memory tells me it's in South America, perhaps Argentina as you Tweeps suggest. I recall passing over mid SA one day and the smoke haze was so thick it covered the continent west to east!

eu_hal9000 1850 days ago

the coordinates I've indicated are the ISS position at the moment of the shot

djsheptx 1850 days ago

I can't find the exact field...Clay really zoomed in on this one!...but the fields in the area of your coordinates look similar. I don't know how pinpoint accurate those coordinates can be with the ISS traveling at 17,500 miles per hour!

sandarwai 1851 days ago

aparentemente seria provincia de Chaco en Argentina....

eu_hal9000 1851 days ago

I got those coordinates -26.4 , -60.8 Somewhere in North Argentina but not matched with google maps

dEwDrOpArTs 1851 days ago

Humm... Some sort of prescribed burning!

H_P_R_U 1851 days ago

Oh geez! Did you not like us answering them right away every time.... gosh!

PC0101 1851 days ago

Intentional agricultural burning. The white smoke hints to straw being burnt. Could be anywhere.