I'm that kid from the 3Oh!3 video that got deleted off YouTube....and the kid who makes fun of Fred...haha

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antifresita 2221 days ago

yay! *--*

lostsurfin101 2223 days ago

What is it? Don't make me feel stupid guys...what the heck is it?

Staci_Marie 2223 days ago

nice!!! :) I love finalCut Studio 2

TimoWegner 2228 days ago

holy shit !! i want it : D have fun ; )

SJCityLiving 2267 days ago

I've had this for like 2 weeks and I'm just NOW finally installing it. How long did it take you? I'm on a MacBook Pro 15 incher

wsteTMEchsnMAC 2289 days ago

lol ;
i'm guessingg you're gunnaah have some new nicee video's... : ]

weirdhumor 2291 days ago


nolan2626 2291 days ago

is that how u change all the colours etc??

NickHad 2291 days ago

omg ur luky mac i hav final cut pro but that one is like rly good

MEplusMAC 2292 days ago

FawnLikeWhoa, he already is famous. ON YOUTUBE!! not jewtube. that kinda smells.

Saved_by_Thomas 2292 days ago

haha, nice mac, hope u can make it work ;)))

xxsniperboy24 2293 days ago

omg how much was that i want that , but i have pinacle studio 12

FawnLikeWhoa 2294 days ago

With this stuff, and your natural talent. You'll be famous one day. =]
You should autograph your t-shirts now that way all us little people who helped u start out on YouTube know where we stand and feel special =]
But you know we'll always love youuu.

brynndolyn 2294 days ago

dang lucky! i want it! haha have fun

Edhardyizraw 2294 days ago

Aww! Were so worth it! And hopefully more...=D

StuckOnReplay 2294 days ago

WOW!THAT'S REAL EXPENSIVE STUFF!!!!! But we're worth it righ? I thought so!!!

Pat1Lover 2294 days ago

oh wow!
i hope this means more videos!

missgreenbacks 2294 days ago


MariPortman 2294 days ago

it's shiny:)

MariPortman 2294 days ago