Sara Bareilles


No big deal.

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2154 days ago

No big deal.


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Caty_music 2093 days ago

Oh..Is it your dog Sara? It seems like my dog Lana! Loved it!

Mrbensalem 2150 days ago

it is so beautiful

AldoNotarandrea 2152 days ago

peace to sara & the cute puppy that rests by her side... & to all her fans who have nothing but love inside.

AldoNotarandrea 2152 days ago

Johmni: i dont wanna hear the drama that you bring, because as sara would say, who made you king of anything. this is sara's joint, her pic, her thoughts, her space. not 4 for u to spit your vulgar lyrics all over the place. peace to sara & the cute p

Johmni 2152 days ago

..go down on her; bang her, B4 i unsuspectingly take her pichuss while she naps between uss!?!?!? Dreams off these nuts

Johmni 2152 days ago

Sometimes yuv got to be cruel; drink jet fuel...loot n riot, look at a picture twice; naughty or nice; spread head lice: Hoosiur favorite dick licker, can iGet w/her Silver!? Is the a leaf blower or a hoover!? Damn id like to bang her, go down

Jmw268 2153 days ago

adorable.. reminds me of my dog who LOVES to cuddle up on me always

BronxRebel 2153 days ago

Sleeping cozily next to the one you Love = Heaven. :)

sarahsample88 2154 days ago

Unreal. I think that is a Vizsla pup?! I had one growing up. Warning: she slept under the blanket on the bed every night. Thought she was human.

AldoNotarandrea 2154 days ago

you're such a tool. who says that when they look at a pic of a cute puppy.

Johmni 2154 days ago

That thing got A.I.D.S., oj...!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?hopscotch

AmiMedlin 2154 days ago

In the life of a cares in the world as long as they a fed and warm!!!

AldoNotarandrea 2154 days ago

so cute. i wonder if the puppy would get along with bunny & bugsy

samgoodman99 2154 days ago

Too much cant even stand it.

Luanadcs 2154 days ago

OmG! Sara it's beautiful!

aaanajulia 2154 days ago

OMG! It's like a baby.. Very cute!

pianotomsfan13 2154 days ago

How precious!!! *wants* :D

gregsmith59 2154 days ago

Reminds me of the book Pretzel.

myheartsong 2154 days ago

Aww, so cozy.....

uniarco 2154 days ago

awwwwwww *-* so pretty, sara *-*