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Please enjoy this photo of Ricky Gervais in my underwear.

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1561 days ago

Please enjoy this photo of Ricky Gervais in my underwear.


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AlexRoxLOL 1545 days ago

Oh my....

archmaci 1557 days ago

the next superman!!!

MicheleG68 1558 days ago

that is AWESOME!

KateNinaA 1558 days ago

Man,he's full of pride wearing this!!!!

Mammalicious 1559 days ago


ChristaTweets 1559 days ago

Yes please.

theScreamS 1559 days ago

A pity he's not a good comedian or at holding his breath !! lol

RickySteveKarl 1560 days ago

Ricky omg! i have to marry you now... its not fair! Look at that chest!!! lol Lovvvve. :)

CloveSmokes 1560 days ago

ow! ow! my eyes!!

Ladii_Lynne 1560 days ago

I have to agree with Sarah_Nicholle...All Calvin Klein models betta watch out!

Sarah_Nicholle 1560 days ago

He looks much better in those undies than I thought he would!

Lady_Boy_Lover 1560 days ago

Well.... thats..... attractive?? xP

Shary_S 1560 days ago

He is holding his breath!!!!

ChrustiQ 1560 days ago

omg! :D

AmeliaThePanda 1560 days ago

Thought Ricky was fat?! o.O
Guess not any more.

1Taylorsmith 1560 days ago


tisjoje 1560 days ago

very nice! xx

pookyrae 1560 days ago

hiya! niiiii-ce! body iz 'slamm'in'! spray tan, yes! keep up the good work. cheers to ricky g!!
a 4ever fan...

AbbySterry 1560 days ago

He should of worn that presenting the Golden Globes, it would of been less boring.

CeeEl24 1560 days ago

hahaha. he's going to have problems if he doesn't fasten that last button!!!!!!!!!!!!