Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2593 days ago


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SamuelOi 2201 days ago

best band in the world ! ! ! ! ! EVER...PERIOD.

SECW127 2530 days ago

That is REALLY awesome.

redravensounds 2534 days ago

Yeah but Nigel Tuffnel said he turns it up to 11 too! Huh? what? huh?

BrianDotson 2536 days ago

I'd Say one the greatest bands in the world. That's not an exaggeration either!

MrJoatmon 2563 days ago

Great shot, Al!

theplunketts 2577 days ago

Cute. The guy with the drum sticks in his eyes reminds me of a bug.

kacoy 2577 days ago

Newspaper headline "Studio Slaughter Fest!!!"

borissaid123 2578 days ago

Whoa! That's crazy!! I watched UHF that is the funnyest movie in the world!!!!!!!!!

alygirly99 2579 days ago

i cant tell if that is bermuda poking himself in the eyeballs... you look funny! i met u at the westfield mall! i watch uhf all the time!

RedSoxFreak_333 2579 days ago

Great pic! Any news on a new album? "Weird" fans wanna know!

MantaNegra 2579 days ago

The guy with drum sticks in his eyes reminds me the cool "You don't love me anymore" video! LOL

padave 2579 days ago

love you guys!! can't wait until you come to Hershey,Pa again!! can not wait for the next CD!!! (hopefully soon , going through new Al withdrawl)

CatboySuperhero 2581 days ago

When I was a kid, I wanted to run away and join your band. I had a nuclear ukelele, but I sucked at playing it, or it was the leukemia it caused.

backtracks 2582 days ago

become one with your instruments

craneopr2000 2585 days ago

wierd al you are friking halirous love the music barry third

loraleiffxi 2585 days ago

Love your stuff! I'm glad there's only one of you. If there were 2 Al Yankovics, then the universe would implode upon itself.

WorthingtonLevy 2586 days ago

Been a fan since My Bologna! Went to concert San Jose about 8 yrs ago. Best concert EVER!!! come back soon!

frugalninja 2587 days ago


smacofsky 2588 days ago

If that's Bermuda on the sticks please say hello from an old HS friend.

Annie_swe 2589 days ago

Awesomeness! :D