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I met a new friend last night, who's 17 just like me. Let's hang out soon, @CherLloyd :{)

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1659 days ago

I met a new friend last night, who's 17 just like me. Let's hang out soon, :{)


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roisin_mullins 1582 days ago

love this photo!

Lem495 1636 days ago

harbinger Hi take a look at 5 1

CherLloydNorway 1636 days ago

i love this pic! - and for the rest of y'all haters, serisouly. stop being so rude towards Cher. what did she ever do to you? nothignt. yeah i thought so too.

MusicalSoul91 1642 days ago

UGH... Cher... she totally ruins this picture... Vic looks stunning, and then... THAT!!

ImaProudSwifty 1642 days ago

Thats so Random. :p

DeadBunnyTM 1643 days ago

nice lipstick on her

Girlzdu0603 1648 days ago

T'es tout simplement subliiiime.

HollywoodTastic 1650 days ago

:) i love youuuuuuuuuuu

Racheeey_ 1652 days ago

i could never picture u and together..hanging out..i just couldn't. (:

selmanmumdzhu 1652 days ago

I'm 17 too.. just like you two..let's hang out soon <3

xXoXMelaXoXx 1652 days ago

OMGG u met cher lloyd ? she's my role model i watched her on x-factor & i voted for her too ! :D

Vani173 1652 days ago

you both look so beautiful and look at chers lips they are looking so cool:)

avonscode 1652 days ago

omg cherrr ohh love you both!!!

rachelcrayne 1652 days ago

you look alikee :) both beautsss x

Linabethx 1653 days ago

aaah look at cher! she looks so pretty

xxxsaimaxxx 1653 days ago

hey its cher....

iGETABiEBERGASM 1653 days ago

you both are so damn pretty :) ♥

TheGagaBiebs 1653 days ago

ur so pretty!

AwesomeLittleMe 1654 days ago

OMG ! its cher!

Rycklopes 1654 days ago

You're so beautiful (: