Las Vegas - flashy city, full of crazy people

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2048 days ago

Las Vegas - flashy city, full of crazy people


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TeoJiaNi 1866 days ago

HAH, full of crazy people!:D

Barrniie 1952 days ago

nice picture, I like it, hah, yerp the city that never sleeps :p

ChoiChanHyo 1984 days ago

Nice picture ! It looks wonderful ^^

beautyfun123 1992 days ago

yeah, what happen in vegas stay in vegas!

YoS3L1N3 2007 days ago

yeahh the city that never sleep! ^_^ awesome picture i would like go there too :)

iamaneehs 2029 days ago

LAS VEGAS! we'll meet someday ;)

geriwuvGDYB 2031 days ago

as long as u stay sane, nothing else matters, dearie :)

yupp1996 2032 days ago

wow,wondefull,, I like it

32_DanceQueen 2039 days ago

I think I found a place for me LV, where there are people crazy and my place!

Bigwaa_dodo2 2040 days ago

full of crazy people????

CarriToast 2041 days ago

Hehe Vegas iz the best! Took a picture in almost the same spot too last year lol. Hope you loved it Tae Yang ;)

Den_dow 2041 days ago

Wowww Really wanna go there..

tinsywinsy 2043 days ago

wow! I wanna go there too. :) It must have been fun and exciting for you :D

britty1689 2043 days ago

Wah! I'm jealous. I've never been to Vegas, and I live in the states. Have fun!!!

Malkinson82i 2043 days ago

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raymand007 2044 days ago

lol "flashy city full of crazy people" that is cool live it up tae!!!

Lee_Joua 2044 days ago

It looks amazing! How does it feel to be in Vegas?

DangerDymond 2044 days ago

lol so true.Nice pic though =)

jaebie_m_boy 2044 days ago


Always_Queen 2045 days ago

Let's go there together. The saying is..." What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." So be very bad!