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1778 days ago



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bccindi 965 days ago

If he had one ounce of intelligence he would resign before he gets impeached!

Bronyr 1100 days ago

And the people still elected him - shame on us!

kentarch 1364 days ago

is this real? Obama storms out after being asked about his appeasement in the Middle East: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHehLArLq5Y&feature=youtu.be

Saint_Obama 1395 days ago

I just love motivational posters, don't you?:

Lucieiswild 1464 days ago

Please and quickly, before the idiot starts WW3! His master plan to destroy the US is in full force!

Tacami222 1492 days ago

Yep! Everything they all said goes for me too!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Ssmfarley777 1519 days ago

I'm not just Sick & Tired of obama, I truly Hate him, I hate what he has done to our country

Snappiee 1588 days ago

I am so sick and tired of this cry baby with the " No he did it" garbage. He needs to man up but he never had a man to follow example from soooo here we are with this messsss.

ALadyBirdTweets 1620 days ago

There's a book in these .. I'd buy it... Keep fighting patriot. ;-D

endrunlv 1652 days ago

Lets just say you shouldn't send a boy to do a man's job. Netanyahu gave the 'boy' a teaching moment Friday.

pinnie99 1727 days ago

THE LEFT'S BITCH - A total mess! History will trash ur "reign" as incompetence on steroids! RESIGN!

Jarjarbug 1727 days ago

I can't imagine faring through 2 more yrs.... let alone anything beyond #OneTerm!!!!!!! #tcot

cgpb 1758 days ago

Wow! this is good.

asnowrose 1778 days ago

He thinks he's smarter and above everyone else. I'm tired of looking at his smug face! Good one

Jarjarbug 1778 days ago

I got it!!! #BlamePalin for not winning and now the ENTIRE World knows #Obama sucks!!

justbcat 1778 days ago

That facial expression says it all about this man. LOL!

cmcgowan22 1778 days ago

But it's all George Bush's fault!

TWITVB 1778 days ago

Shouldn't we all be a little bit more nice to this poor Muslim!??

DianeM1966 1778 days ago

Enough said!