Robin Quivers


This my hero, leroy Brown. He's doing well and will be coming home with me on Monday.

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2196 days ago

This my hero, leroy Brown. He's doing well and will be coming home with me on Monday.


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japhenix 2178 days ago

what a mug!
congratulations robin.. you did a wonderful thing

taylorwil 2193 days ago

Robin, Give Leroy a big kiss. He is the best.

pantysniffingfr 2194 days ago

its bad bad leroy brown the baddest cat in whole damn town

SirHardinThicke 2196 days ago

finally, a black that you can love.

susanwellmann 2196 days ago

Leroy Brown sans kindney. Better off than sitting in a shelter waiting for the letal injection.

juliesart 2196 days ago

what a bright-eyed cutie kit. sending ~good vibes~ on a speedy recovery!

MLM9918 2196 days ago

Robin, I kind of understand, my dog had a grade six heart murmer, the only thing that would save her is a heart transplant. She died ! I guess the heart would be a no go - no donor volunteers

mrl714 2196 days ago

I love this pic.

iwantcandi 2196 days ago

You and Leroy are miracles by giving Brangelina another chance of life. Is Leroy for a black cat racist?

CarterGuy 2196 days ago

He's going to have a very devoted person.

lisablueye 2196 days ago

did anyone ask leroy if he wanted to donate his kidney? just doesn't seem right.

marissasimas 2196 days ago

Robin, he is so cute. I think it's wonderful that you are willing to do whatever it takes to care for these cats. Of course, you have the means, but some would just put the cats down rather than spend the money.

KunTBastard 2196 days ago

Looks like a little shit disturber, hide your wallet

mantiposa 2196 days ago

Mr. Brown is very handsome! He's going to be a great addition to your family.

EMar34 2196 days ago

Glad to hear everything went well for both cats!!!

LostGurlJK 2196 days ago

He's adorable, Robin

konstipatedduk 2196 days ago

Omg - Look up "Trooper" in the dictionary and there's a pic of LB. Howard better cool his jets on this one - u go robin-

tlc8464 2196 days ago

Was he a homeless cat that you are adopting cause he saved Brangelina? Or was he yours to begin with? If it's the former then he IS a hero and lucky to have found a great home.

LittleRogue6 2196 days ago

Get well Leroy Brown. You look cute. heheheh meow.

capn11235 2196 days ago

kidney kat is quite handsome