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Another beautiful day in LA. #theSnowpocalypsecansuckmyballs.

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1780 days ago

Another beautiful day in LA. #theSnowpocalypsecansuckmyballs.


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Comstock82o 1774 days ago

ionizer excavator Hi take a look at

jessbecuzuluvme 1777 days ago

*shivers* I hate you Phil.

Film4view 1779 days ago

It's cold and snowing in Canada. Jealous.
- JER "Canadian Vlogger"

jamie2413 1779 days ago

Ahhhh screw your mother. F*ckin snow-pocalypse. Trade me places.

xcerax 1779 days ago

Awww! You don't have any snow! I would be so sad without snow.

IceCubicle 1779 days ago

FCKCKKCKCK u, I wanna live there =(

McD3rry 1780 days ago

wow the UK really does suck now ive seen this!

YellowMiss 1780 days ago

This photo is friggin' sweet.

B_ROCKx 1780 days ago

Wow... How can it be winter there..? You don't have winter, you have a "not as hot summer"

TCronos 1780 days ago

jajajaja look like gta, shoot somebody XD jajaja

omegatheta 1780 days ago

ill be sure to ship you a metric fuckton before it melts ! :P

PW3Count 1780 days ago

That does it, I'm moving to LA!

Iron_Maiven 1780 days ago

fuck u phil... fucking freezing in Canada..

Artiom31 1780 days ago

Can somebody give me a green card? :|

Forty2drew 1780 days ago

atleast it doesn't take me 2 hours to go 10 miles, even with snow #suckonthatphil lol

bbriannajoness 1780 days ago

Best shoes ever!!!
and I live in PA so i won't see a sight like that until May/June

jartavia5 1780 days ago

i see wat u did thar

dbaskette1 1780 days ago

It's foggy in Northern Cali. Shocker there. At least it's not raining!

avaell 1780 days ago

Damn you Phil!!!!!! We have had rain and snow for days and days now!!