Kevin McHale


i need a bio so u dont think im a fake but i need a phrase to rhyme with cookies, chocolate & cake... cos i love cake. well, sugar in general. thanks. :)

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thyagofontes 1882 days ago

Brooke ♥

dgette_i 2014 days ago

The force is strong with this one. But it def looks like he watched the movie from The Ring.

boybandfan_em 2683 days ago

ahhaha kevin that's adorable :D

morrallii 2684 days ago

oh no! not a star wars fan are we Kevin?
I have to admit that I know all the words to every movie but thats only because my little brother loves it!
yes little...Kevin!
love you

WalkingTosti 2684 days ago

wow.. that doll looks so scary.. he looks like a scary old little bamboo elf, haha

pomsterr 2684 days ago

yoda looks like hes been smoking weed.

CarlaBella 2684 days ago

lol that Yoda is creepy looking LOL :P i love the "creeper" look on that Zac's face :P

catalina_island 2684 days ago

you WOULD have a yoda

FatimaMaltesers 2684 days ago

Kaayuuut!*CUTE* !!

ChelseaMerrill 2684 days ago

Brooke is an amazing dancer. I love her. She taught me one of my favorite dances.

GericaKoob 2684 days ago

ahhh that thing is kinda CREEPY!! hehe. but yeah.. um.. ha

flyyydefined 2684 days ago


ItsHannahBamf 2684 days ago

YODA...dude just imagine that thing walking....
in the middle of the night

maggiecullenxo 2684 days ago

that thing is yours! Give me a minute to get out my laughter. hahahahahahahahaha. Okay I'm good. I think yoda is adorable. lol.

hinal_patel_ 2684 days ago

haha i luv it!!
the stuffed thingy is kinda scary!! xx