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Musician with a message :-)

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One of their other designs... Definitely not for me I think :$ But imagine the size of the thing :)

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1314 days ago

One of their other designs... Definitely not for me I think :$ But imagine the size of the thing :)


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emmyemel 1312 days ago

ucunda ne var bir tek Allah biliyor.,,the message behind the ad"

7thyellow 1313 days ago

oh ,, itz soooo nice thankz 4 sharing but i will leave one question wat kind of thing is it?

EmigrateWahid 1313 days ago

OOOH !! defenitly wont be there alone !! but nice Art work .. its look like Hindu Godess or smthing

Barlaas 1313 days ago

strange :))) but unique :)

martialgirl 1313 days ago

it's kinda hard to imagine u knw... :P...nice shot btw,have a gr8 concert ... :D

Ghadeer_Gh 1313 days ago

WOW it real !!!
for the first look i thought that it might be painting or "photoshop thing"
"3allm alenssan ma lam ya3lam"
huge work .... thank u 4sharing &goodluck inGERMNEY :)

KCDalis 1313 days ago

Haha. Well, its always nice to try something different once in a while. Keeps the momentum going.

Reem_SY 1313 days ago

Yellah..I hope @ the end of it all..The show will be a
TRUE SUCCESS iA! Keeping u in our Du'as Sami!

Reem_SY 1313 days ago

If you ask me..I would tell you it's quite CREEPY!

NolaAnna 1313 days ago

is it a buddha like statue?

samibtissam 1313 days ago

I can't understand it :) what is it?
i just can see the head

Amira_SY 1313 days ago

but its look so weard and big:)

Amira_SY 1313 days ago

i cant understand what this exacly:)

kadkinsn12 1313 days ago

What is the name of the sculpture and who designed it?

kadkinsn12 1313 days ago

Thank you dear Bro.Sami for sharing your trip with us!:)! I love Art:) 'AMAZING':)!!!

kadkinsn12 1313 days ago

It is amazing how a person can have an idea and tnen make his idea a reality for the world to see. Awesome!!:)

7CandleLight7 1313 days ago

It's really huge , Hope u have a nice time in Germany, Thank u for sharing

salehasalam 1313 days ago

Thank you for sharing :)

Zahramuhmmad 1313 days ago

thank you 4 sharing ,,

ZohanaHameed 1313 days ago

Thank u for sharing.