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i need a bio so u dont think im a fake but i need a phrase to rhyme with cookies, chocolate & cake... cos i love cake. well, sugar in general. thanks. :)

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2687 days ago


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pomsterr 2684 days ago

yeah. it rains here every other day. but do they make the roads so smooth?

IndigoAprilll 2686 days ago

hahaha, i remember how Trav said you drive like a Grandpa.
and you know, i'm sure you've improved and we're going to have a party in your car ;)

morrallii 2686 days ago

hahaha Promi! I know right our roads are covered in cracks and potholes and...road kill! :P

there might be a traffic jam but it's sunny!! :D


pomsterr 2687 days ago

wow, the roads are so smooth.

CarlaBella 2687 days ago

You think that's bad..? Try coming to Michigan lol That looks like nothing compared to out 3-7 Rush hour... :P
And i agree, show us zee beautiful automobileee

baydahal 2687 days ago

lol i love your thinking in this.
'oh hey, we're just in traffic, let's stop and take a picture for twitter'
no big deal right lol

mlo4a 2687 days ago

show us ur car!!!:)

boybandfan_em 2687 days ago

awee sorry )):

joyuha 2687 days ago

Dude I wouldn't be Long Beach if there wasn't traffic!! Oh and I'm on the same predicament... Same traffic, same road!!

abbywushocker08 2687 days ago

lol, traffic can be a real "B" @ times XD