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Finley's first National. Mama may be shaking in her boots. A bit.

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1532 days ago

Finley's first National. Mama may be shaking in her boots. A bit.


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littlefootnz 1508 days ago

I would be effin scared if it was my son!

Friday94 1527 days ago

I can see why! haha that looks scary! Good luck <3

evanescence73 1529 days ago

Finley CAN and WILL win!!

justagirlurban 1530 days ago


Stephpiper3 1530 days ago

WOW!! Go Finley!!! Good Luck little Awesome dude!

Raphael_Dean 1530 days ago

Good luck for him :) xoxo

DonneD20 1530 days ago

oh thats so cool Good Luck Bud!!

LuuHalliwell 1530 days ago


Zippythree 1531 days ago

Good luck to you Finley

Zippythree 1531 days ago

A National what?

missju24 1531 days ago

good luck finley and no stress.

Chin_CHARMED 1531 days ago

good luck finley! u make ur mama proud...

Jesssicaalynn 1531 days ago

Oh dear, I'm nervous for you&him!! lol. But he'll do awesome(:

Wolvietat 1531 days ago

Good Luck Finley!!!

Cwilliams90 1531 days ago

I would love to see something like that. He is going to kick ass. He is your son after all.

LMBigelow 1531 days ago

I bet he will rock that track!

cook1097 1531 days ago

OMFreakinG! That is one wild track. Don't worry Holly, he'll do great. Go, Finley!

CJHeart 1532 days ago

He's going to make you terrified and the proudest ever all at once. Soak in every moment!

AraRnaranjo 1532 days ago

yeahh go finley

mikemike64504 1532 days ago