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i wrote a new york times bestselling book. it's called, two kisses for maddy. it was published by grand central. please buy several copies.

hair and beard net.

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2829 days ago

hair and beard net.


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bspange 2805 days ago

It's sad that this doesn't make me laugh. I see this on a daily basis at work.

adembkowski 2806 days ago


cat_a_tat_tat 2828 days ago

What do they give you for the ear and nose hairs?

CindiSays 2829 days ago


shelm 2829 days ago

You look like you work in a deli!

afterhardship 2829 days ago

Trying to figure out the vibe. Lady Gaga glasses meet germophobic Micheal Jackson with a dash of Sikhism and Japanese tourist?

MomofGylliBub 2829 days ago

You look fabulous! LOL

dredwolf2 2829 days ago

Ha! I can see P&G from where I am! Hope you are enjoying Cincy, we have some great record stores ;)

theonlyshannon 2829 days ago

too funny! Safety first right?

Spadilla78 2829 days ago

Flashback......I work at Mary Kay Corp office here in Dallas and when I was in the manufacturing building I had to wear those hairnets too & those hideous safety googles.

Sprucehillfarm 2829 days ago

Hey I think you have started a new trend in fashion!

Laurie218 2829 days ago

Thank you Matt Logelin! Good to know your leftovers from breakfast left in your beard won't be contaminating by deodorant and toothpaste today.

rainbow_tulip 2829 days ago

can you imagine opening a diaper to put on your kid and finding a hair in it?? Gross...I don't know if I could get past that...yeah for pampers!

oneandonly_erin 2829 days ago

i didn't realize they were so protective of their diapers!

smstemp 2829 days ago

even though your nose is in the clear, i imgaine it's difficult to breathe in that

Trace130 2829 days ago

awesome! lol

TheDinky 2829 days ago

bah hahahaha! nice...don't let anyone tell you that ain't hot! :p

shannonecollins 2829 days ago

hahhaa priceless

Sabrina7408 2829 days ago

lol!!! Nice!!