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The New York Post has outdone itself this time. An All-timer.

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1690 days ago

The New York Post has outdone itself this time. An All-timer.


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mcslimjb 1688 days ago

Very well done! I especially like Namath as Yoda. "Kiss you, I want to! About the team strugg-a-ling, I could not care less!"

DrSchadNFreude 1689 days ago

One problem- Belichick should be Emperor Palpatine, Brady should be Darth Vader. And the Empire WINS

FLInsAgent 1689 days ago

Well done - looks like there is some talent in NY.

JimmyD_34 1689 days ago

Pats fan here - this is really well done.

Should be a good game. I don't expect as big of a blowout as the experts are predicting. 27-10 Pats.

andrewhenrich 1689 days ago

Blonde guy= Nick Mangold, Center, Jets

DylanMC21 1689 days ago

Who's the blonde guy?

laraeparker 1689 days ago


nflmonky 1689 days ago

Hilarious! Esp Joe Namath as Yoda and Revis as Obi Wan. Perfect! LOL. Good job guys!

mmasuda 1689 days ago

ex Ryan はハリソン・フォードか!w #nfljapan

ylnevets 1689 days ago

Rex Ryan's wife.

Slaves4Christ 1689 days ago

Who is the woman?

sotobean17 1689 days ago

AntCBoe 1689 days ago

I like how rex ryan is han solo because he oviously shot first. Also I ike how belichik is EVIL!!

tophertheloafer 1689 days ago

2 words retard? that's three.

JoeyMajka 1689 days ago

Good luck, Jets are just pissing off the Pats w/ talk. 2 words, Empire Strikes back

wizzyfin 1689 days ago

Now i've seen it all, star wars????

SkittleCar1 1689 days ago