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Who you are today should be your number one opponent tomorrow.

CAPTION THIS and RT!!!  #TheMeanKitty LOL

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1659 days ago

CAPTION THIS and RT!!! #TheMeanKitty LOL


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ReptarRAWRx 1569 days ago

Loki-"Hey...Hey Sparta.."
Sparta-" nom.."
Loki- "Sparta!"
Sparta-" >.>'''' What...?"
Loki-"Haii :3 =^.^="

Doit2it 1600 days ago

Reindeer paws my furry behind. Christmas in MONTHS away!

MrsTin2008 1651 days ago

unsuspecting Loki looks down upon the land as master assassin Sparta waits for the perfect moment to attack

piplup4 1656 days ago

Sparta: i hope he doesnt find me after i ate his food
Loki: i know your there sparta and you ate my food

carynloveless 1658 days ago

Sparta: Look! A ghostly vortex! // Loki: Dude, I don't think that was catnip they gave us...

OriginalMrBibz 1658 days ago

He can smell my fear can't he...

CelticGrace 1658 days ago

Sparta-Troll: Who's that trot-trot-trotting over my bridge?!

MindOfLiam 1658 days ago

Sparta: Meow
Loki: Meow

solis_karn 1658 days ago

Sparta: I just farted i hopes he doesn't notice. Loki: What is that strange aroma and where is it coming from?

raiju 1658 days ago

"Maybe if I'm reeeealt quiet, he'll go away."

Ladypoesss 1659 days ago

Sparta: OMG,...what the hell is he doin? he's freaking me out!! Loki: should i jump? Or should i scare sparta??

TorieAllie 1659 days ago

30 minutes into hide n seek Loki: Sparta where is you Sparta: haha he'll never find me

Eliot_Beta 1659 days ago

Zorgano 1659 days ago

Sparta: "He'll never find me here..."

Lozzi_Nerd 1659 days ago

Sparta: I think Santa Claws is on the roof!

blackopchevy 1659 days ago

i sense a loki near by!!!!! im going to hide SHHHHHHH

dinorawrrs 1659 days ago

Is he gone?... Please, please tell me he's gone.

cindyreddeer 1659 days ago

Where is my toll? You must pay a toll to pass over my carpet bridge! What do you mean internet troll?

blablawhatever 1659 days ago

OMG! dude, this is such a freaking adorable pic!!

Joshua_Friend 1659 days ago

I love loki! One of my favorite cats!